Tree sounds

I am getting joy from the sound of wind through tree leaves. I’m noticing the difference between different trees, and the variety of sounds that emanate. There are some trees in a park near by that clatter when the breeze comes up, and finally I have solved the sound issue around casuarinas (she oaks), it is the sound of nature applauding, like the roar of a crowd, but performed by the thin needles. Interestingly, this sound is different to the sound of wind through pines.
A couple of weeks ago on a quiet night, whilst walking I passed a huge wall of ivy. I stopped to watch the moonlight glittering on the leaves and then heard a ticking, clicking patter. I was amazed and ran home to get my video camera, I thought I was hearing the ivy grow. But after filming and observing for more time I realised it was the sound of thousands of little seeds pooping out of their holders (!) and falling down on the leaves below. Still, charmed by observational capacities. Nature gives so much to me, I just have to be willing to be quiet and witness.

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