My ears were pricked for sound, maybe as I wasn’t listening to my I-pod, I got to hear all sorts of beautiful communications…in the park a gaggle of mothers groups calling out the availability of their cakes and biscuits, outside a cafe some girls discussing their toenail colour preference (“I always get sparkles”), little boy wandering and his mum saying “he likes being a dog”. The bats are hard at it in the tree outside, gabbling and flapping after a day of sleep. The hood was filled with the awful sound of tree-lopping today, but it was a fully dead tree, so I don’t mind, but now, I can hear my neighbour practising the piano.
If I weren’t alive I wouldn’t be privvy to all this, if I didn’t have time, I wouldn’t be wandering, hearing what I hear, the ticking past of a bicycle, the clicking of a stone embedded in someone’s tyre, the occasional burst of song from down the road, as the voice coach reaches a higher scale. On the weekends we get to hear the policeman practising his bagpipes, and sometimes another neighbour on her saxophone. Her dog enjoys joining in.
Now that I have my own hound to share sounds with there is a lot more noise coming from our place, as I call out “wheres the ball” and when he gets excited he seizes his squeeky toy and gives it a good workout, adorable romping all over the place.
Sound travels so readily in these medium density cities, I am aware of the parties roaming the streets on Friday and Saturday nights and know school is out as the teenagers return thudding basketballs on their home run. I am not always enjoying the sounds I hear, and will often put on music to hide the exterior noise.
When I was a kid I had a rock tumbler, which was plugged in churning ordinary rocks for months, day and night slowly polishing them. It was the best sleep I have ever had, acting as white noise and effectively drowning out all surrounding noises trying to squeeze into my ears.
I love to sleep near to the ocean and hear the gentle waves breaking, thats my favourite sound of all. I guess they are polishing rocks as well.

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