Love the arrangements along Prince of Wales DriveSydney Park after the rain, green algae and tennis balls afloatPainted my nailsLoved the sandstone circles at Gordons BayPhotographed TakaraWatched autumn comeRead some Proust

Loved the arrangements along the Prince of Wales Drive
Sydney Park after the rain, green algae and tennis balls afloat
Painted my nails
Gordons Bay sandstone circles
Photographing the wondrous Takara
Watched autumn come
Read Proust

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3 Responses to Pre-occupations

  1. raquel says:

    so happy you are posting! miss you big time. xx

  2. andrew says:

    I’m pretty happy you’re posting, too. S.G., you’re a poet.

    I am wearing my lover’s deodorant today. Weird to be expecting him to be there when he’s not. I was thinking about smell the other day following an episode of almost-migraine where I become hypersensitive to smells and almost viscerally enraged by the merest whiff of Calvin Klein or Tommy … the cat smelt strongly of diesel engines, the compost became unnervingly complex, I can smell the inside of people’s mouths when they talk [and then I have to go and lie down for a day or two] … on the tram home I could smell CK Cologne, YEEEGTCH!! GAKT!! I felt like it was a stiletto being forced up my nose and into the olfactory nerve center of my brain. I located the source as a teenage girl, and thought … it’s a means of advertising your claim on a person … it’s status, wearing their scent … but then, in this case, she was wearing the overbearing scent of a few hundred thousand young men … the experience totally wierded me out … scent induced agoraphobia

    see you sometime
    x A

    • Goffers says:

      The power of smell! Thank goodness you aren’t a pregnant woman!
      The other day I was at the gym (!), happily walking on the machine for walking (!), when a woman came to the machine next to mine and because the fan was blowing behind us, her horrific odour was blown right up my nostrils. Some awful perfume assaulting my delicate nostrils…I would’ve preferred body odour. Anyway, I found that if I just stepped back and walked at the far end of the machine, I would be safe from it, for fucks sake I wasn’t going to switch machines!
      The smell of people’s mouths can be hideous, you can always offer them a lolly…I found that when I wasn’t drinking booze, it was even worse, alcohol on the lungs is sickly, and I’d take a step back and they’d take a step forward…I found it easier to just drink booze as well.

      Hope to see you too, but I will be cautious about my odours!

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